Client Company may also choose to retain the services of a select group of its existing employees by shifting them to contractual employment through APS.

What We Have Here for You

Total Housekeeping- Cleaning Services.

Professional green house cleaning and eco-maid service.

Security Guard Services.

To protect your family and the things that matter the most.

Project cleaning.

Every project is different. Every client is special.


Please maintain cleanliness & be healthy.

Pest Control.

The future’s bright. The future’s pest control.

Garden Maintenance Services.

We’ll take away the stress of tiresome yard work.

Facilitating the employment trend

As the world market has fast turned into a global village, corporate opt for manpower flexibility that they find tailor made to respond to the constantly changing trends or project based exigencies. Indian companies are consciously embracing global practices to sustain their competitiveness and make a mark a mark in the worldwide arena. Increasing proportion of primarily “Home Makers” amongst the workforce and our people’s adaptability has led to an attitudinal shift among the employable, opting for short term careers choices. Choices that give varied and quick exposure to different environments and fields, quicker APS up the ladder. This shift in outlook of our people also has facilitated the corporate preferences for their manpower.



Above all the company as the “Principal Employer” may even be liable to absorb the contract Labour as a regular employee, if certain provision of the contract Labour act is not complies with satisfactorily. APS frees the clients of the cumbersome entanglement of dealing with several contractors in relation to statutory compliances. ESI and PF benefits are extended to all contract laborers through APS codes. Thus we extend the clients the comfort of complete compliances. It is the main procedure done for vata disorders. It is the process in which medicine in liquid form is administered in intestines via rectal route.A whole lot of other noncore support services.Corporate are often entangled and deal with several contractors for their outsourced activities. They are still responsible for ensuring cumbersome records related to the statutory compliances of the contract Labour are maintained by the various contractors. Getting quality job done through the contract laboures may override the effort in ensuring that contractors extend minimum wages and other benefits to the labors.

Amruta Professional Services

Offers Staffing services enabling our corporate partner to engage the most competent and flexible manpower for their:

  • Non –core activities or activities that are essential but by and large incidental.
  • Project based requirements individuals or whole teams.
  • Temporary or short term exigencies.
  • Positions that may not be attractive or without a career growth.
  • Other unforeseen requirements.

Personnel who have met the client’s expectations are recruitment in APS rolls on fixed team contractual basis and are deputed to the client’s site. Such personnel are ensured all the benefits that are applicable to regular employees.

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