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APS regulates the movement and engagement of contract laborers for the client by getting the statutory contract license, enduring that all contract laborers are paid Minimum wages

Amruta Professional Services

Key factor to our growth has been our commitment to deliver process driven customized services. Empowerment and accountability across our operations’ ensure that our promises on services are exceeded every time resulting in “customer delight” Our operations and services are managed on professional lines and are guided by principle that stem from our core value and business ethics, integrity, trust, continuous learning and partnering progress. We believe that every encounter with the client is a learning experience, an opportunity to continuously assimilate knowledge,  re–look processes in order to realign ourselves to serve our clients better every time.

Enduring relationship with the clients
truly partnering mutual progress is what we strive for

1) To be the leading nationwide provider of support services

2) To identify, understand and strive to meet or exceed the needs and expectations of our clients in everything that we do.

3) Our offerings will be continuously updated to reflect the changing needs of our clients and trends within the support services industry.

4) To provide our clients with the highest quality, industry specific and relevant services.

5) To be a partner of our clients in realizing clients vision. Or any other Office outsourcing related services as per requirement. We also have personal training and familiarization programs in the above field. Some of our positive approaches are:-

  • The Familiarization of staff with the work sites and helps them to identify the critical area of work which has to be rectified.
  • Also we will ensure that the staff is well groomed, behaved and disciplined in the work
  • Train the various unskilled personal on how to utilize different equipment respective jobs.
  • Ensure that the staff will carry out jobs as per assignment schedules.

About Amruta Professional Services

Legal Experience in contractual employment and professional approach in sourcing, interviewing and skills assessment of human resources ensure that APS extends quality services to both the company and the individual. We invest in customizing our services to our clients: process customization is one of our key Our services fee that is payable by the clients is highly contextualized, complexity involved, longevity of contract, nature of job in the offing and the number of personnel.Personnel who have met the client’s expectations are recruitment in APS rolls on fixed team contractual basis and are deputed to the client’s site. Such personnel are ensured all the benefits that are applicable to regular employees.

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