Amruta Professional Services

APS is support services provider companies with its corporate office at Pune. We are in the business rendering human resource services; outsourced business processes and people related services to enhance maximization of corporate resource.

Cleaner place is
a safer place

APS has garnered a reputation for Industry leadership in terms of its Size, Stringent Compliance Adherence, as well as Quality of Service Delivery in Facility Management Services being focused in this segment for the past 6 years.

Total Housekeeping- Cleaning Services.

Professional green house cleaning and eco-maid service.

Security Guard Services.

To protect your family and the things that matter the most.

Project cleaning.

Every project is different. Every client is special.


Please maintain cleanliness & be healthy.

Pest Control.

The future’s bright. The future’s pest control.

Garden Maintenance Services.

We’ll take away the stress of tiresome yard work.

Advantages for the clients

  • Flexibility in manpower resource maximization.
  • Time and cost saving in recruitment and selection process.
  • Quicker deputation of flexible manpower.
  • Reduction in administrative overheads.
  • Overheads limited to statutory requirement.
  • Statutory obligations taken care of by APS
  • Parting is With Taken care of by APS
  • One stop solution for non-core support services outstanding.
  • Flexibility in manpower resourcing.
  • Regulated Mobilization and demobilization of contract Labour personnel.
  • Hassle free environment for contract Labour engagement.
  • Focus on core activities.
Anything You Need

Overhead reduction, direct and indirect. By way of statutory records maintenance.

Facilitating the employment trend

As the world market has fast turned into a global village, corporate opt for manpower flexibility that they find tailor made to respond to the constantly changing trends or project based exigencies. Indian companies are consciously embracing global practices to sustain their competitiveness and make a mark a mark in the worldwide arena.

Strength Of Amruta Professional Services

Legal expertise in contractual employment and process orientation gives. APS the edge in this unique service. Our Professional and systematic approach and commitment to invest our efforts to customize our services ensure clients satisfaction. APS is highly competent in payroll, statutory and benefits administration. We ensure next to 100% statutory compliance. We believe in stakeholder relation that “partners progress” in a win-win manner. Our rapport with the concerned authorities is exceptional to ensure the same.

Staffing Services

Our staffing services are the source to your resource of competent and flexible manpower.

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